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They say great writing touches the heart of what it means to be human; to me it's more like it lays bare a writer's deepest humanity. Writers paint with blood, weave tapestries out of sinew, make meals out of their hearts and guts. But after hammering pieces of themselves into something beautiful - for days, months, even years - too many writers find themselves at a loss for what to do next. They might not know anyone who could help them finish their work, or have little clue how to find one; they might not be able to afford classes; they might not be writing material they feel comfortable sharing with those who don't have respect for who they are and where they come from.

My goal is to help bridge that gap.

I've been incredibly privileged to learn from and work with a host of amazing writers through the writing program at my college, the MFA program at Hamline University, and the VONA/Voices and the Loft Mentor Series fellowships. I've been an editor and reader for several journals and interned with some of the best independent publishers in the country. (See more here.)

I write in all genres and am looking to work with people who have barriers to writing and editing services, especially those who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, can't afford writing resources, and/or are geographically isolated. I'm offering professional level editing (see here), asking that in lieu of payment the writers I work with donate what they feel comfortable (time, money, etc.) to a cause or person/people they feel is appropriate.

If you're someone with limited access to creative writing resources, email me at I hope to be of help!

Please note: There are a plethora of great writers and editors providing amazing services for a lot less than they're worth - particularly BIPOC writers - and if at all you can, I encourage you to go to them instead. I'm not a cheap alternative to paying writers what they're worth; I'm looking to work with those who fall through the maws of inequity, in part because  other writers shouldn't have to sacrifice income so that those they care about can get access to writing resources.

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