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I will provide writing sessions for people who don't have enough access to them, for whatever reason. I don't have set parameters for what these might look like, as I think it's best to work out the details on a case-by-case basis. I'm open to working with groups of any size, in-person or online. I'll work with writers of any age and walk of life, and also would love to provide sessions for people who may have ruled out writing for themselves for a variety of reasons (providing for a family, for example).

Depending on the needs of a group, these might be fully open (all welcome) or specific (for example, just teens or just non-native English speakers). They might also be a single session or multiple.

People of all writing abilities are also welcome, even those better than me. I'm a firm believer that everyone can learn (or relearn) something about writing from anyone else. Being a teacher for me doesn't mean that I'm the "expert" in the group. It means that I prepare as much as I can and lead the sessions, trying to provide as much learning and inspiration as possible without any desire that anyone should take what I say as "instructions."

If you're interested in me leading sessions, with yourself included or for others, contact me to see what we can set up.

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